China Bio

China Krys Darrington entered into a substance abuse recovery program in late 2003. She was already a single mother of a young daughter and she was pregnant with her second child. She was addicted to opiates, cocaine and prescription drugs for 15+ years. Recognizing how the addiction had begun to take its toll on her, she decided to make a serious change in her life. The baby she was carrying was born clean in April 2004 and she made an open adoption plan for her birth son. She reunited with her then five-year- old daughter in a two-year transitional housing project for moms in recovery called "Peachtree Estates". During those two years, she worked diligently to recover, learn what made her use drugs in the first place, and she also learned how to steer clear of the triggering influences that could drag her back into that life. In the past ten years, she has become a homeowner, learned how to be a good parent and employee and started her own business providing recovery support services to other women and girls. Today she does advocacy work to help other families dealing with substance abuse issues and she also writes curricula and provides training for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. Through her work, she strives to help social workers, child welfare workers, addicts, families of addicts, drug courts, law enforcement and parole/probation officers better understand the complex dynamics of the family when the mom has a drug dependency issue. China has been doing extensive public speaking and training throughout the state of Ohio since 2007. She talks about addiction, access to quality treatment, transitions to recovery housing, peer-based recovery, community-based recovery resources, re-entry options, drug/mental health courts, case management and supports to prevent child removals and facilitate reunification. In addition, she speaks on Human Trafficking issues as she herself was a victim of human trafficking when she was a young child. Most recently, she was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Ohio Judicial Symposium on Addiction and Child Welfare. She developed a curriculum on human trafficking for the juvenile justice system in Summit County, Ohio and this curriculum has become a mandatory training for all Summit County Court workers.